SimGrid Team Up With LFM To Bring Custom BOP For Hosts

We are delighted to announce that SimGrid Community Hosts now have full access to the LFM BOP.

SimGrid Communities can now utilise and use the LFM BOP with our easy-to-install function when creating or editing events and championships.

With a few simple clicks, you have full LFM BOP integration for your events for every GT3 car and track in ACC.

  1. Make sure you have x3 boosts on your community to unlock the feature
  2. Click on My Hosts to show your events
  3. Create a new event or championship as normal
  4. Click on Event List to show all your individual races
  5. Click on Edit Event for any particular race
  6. At the top, you will find your header with the new BOP.json tool
  7. Click Get LFM BOP and it will populate all GT3 cars to that particular track
  8. You are free to change the BOP further if you wish at this point
  9. Once you are happy hit Download BOP and it will export ready for you to use
  10. Go into your server provider of choice and import the new BOP.json

Below is a simple step-by-step video tutorial for you to follow:

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