How To Create An Account On SimGrid

So you’ve found yourself on the SimGrid website and you see events that you would like to race in, but you are new to the platform and don’t have a SimGrid account.

Where do you start?

This guide will show you how to create and set up your account and profile so you can get racing on the SimGrid platform today!

Step 1 – Registering To SimGrid

On the SimGrid landing page, you will see two options to register an account with SimGrid. These are in the form of the big red ‘Join The SimGrid‘ button that takes centre stage, or the big blue ‘Login – Register‘ Discord button that you see at the top right.

The SimGrid website is powered by Discord to recognise its users, so you must have a Discord account to register before anything else. Once you have authorised Discord to connect to Simgrid, your account has been created and you can now log in to the site with your unique profile.

Step 2 – The Final Step

The next step, which is also the final step of registration, is to set up your preferences to race. This is so you can register for the appropriate events successfully.

You can connect just one of these, or all of them if you use every platform. So you will need your Steam ID and username, your PSN and your Xbox username. Have these at hand to speed up the process for yourself.

Once you have finished this stage ensure you hit the ‘Save‘ button at the bottom and you will be directed back to the SimGrid homepage to begin your sim racing adventure.

Step 3 – Your Account

Before you go ahead and register for 6 different events, it is worth going back into your profile area and adding depth to your account so communities can understand you better as a driver.

Click on your profile to bring up a drop-down menu where you can click on ‘edit profile‘.

The first step is adding your details to your account page, this brings personalisation to your profile where you can add your profile banner, preferred car number to race with, your accomplishments, your sim racing hardware and more.

Step 4 – Your Connections

You should make sure you have connected as many of your accounts together as possible in your profile to get the best use out of SimGrid.

You can sign up for the SimGrid newsletter to stay up to date with everything happening on the platform, and your Discord and Steam accounts should already be connected from the first step.

If you have a Coach Dave Academy Account because you use any of the features that are on offer there, such as Coach Dave Delta or the iRacing and ACC setups, you can connect that account with SimGrid.

If you race on Low Fuel Motorsport you can also connect that account with SimGrid, suddenly making your SimGrid profile rich with information about all your sim racing antics.

Step 5 – Social Profiles

You can also connect all of your social media profiles to your SimGrid account so that anyone coming across your profile can access these and find out more about you, follow you, watch you and more.

If you have your own Discord community you can attach that to your profile. If you are a streamer on YouTube or Twitch you can connect them to your profile. If you like to be active on socials like Twitter or Instagram you can connect them so people can discover you.

When you click on your profile or someone else’s you are searching, focused to the left you will see all of these social media platforms in a neat little icon display with all of your driver details and information underneath.

Step 6 – Your Interests

The final piece to the puzzle which will complete your SimGrid profile is your interests. You can select up to four different options which best describe your account on the platform and you have a plethora of different options to choose from.

Once this final step is done, your profile is then complete. You can start searching for your friends on SimGrid to follow, you can start searching for your favourite hosts to follow and you can start signing up for events to race in.

We can’t wait to see you on the grid!

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