Help and Requirements for ACC Console Events on SimGrid

How do users add their PSN or Xbox ID to their profiles

Result uploads will not work unless your users have updated their profile information to include the PSN/Xbox ID. This is because the ID is required in order to link the data in the result file to the user.

For new registrations to your events, the website will block the user from registering unless the user has updated their profile with the required ID.

However, for those hosts who have events with users registered already, you will be required to notify all your participating drivers that they must update their profiles and supply the ID. If the users do not update their information then they will no longer be able to score points in your events because the website will not be able to link the result to them.

To link their ID to their profile, the User must go to “Edit Profile” from the drop-down menu in the top right. From there, click “Connections” on the tabs on the left and then click the red link icon to be taken to the website, which will provide the PSN/Xbox ID.

For PSN users, the Account ID must be entered in the PSN ID field.

For Xbox users, the XUID(DEC) must be entered in the Xbox ID field.

How do I upload results to SimGrid?

To upload the results, you will need to get the results JSON file from your GPortal or Nitrado server.

On GPortal, you do this by going to the “Logs” page. Open up the applicable result and copy all the data. Paste the data into a text editor and then save this file as a JSON.

The result file must be saved as a JSON. Any other file types will not work.

Here is an example of a PlayStation race result file:

How do I access the entrylist.json?

To download the entrylist file for your server, navigate to the Drivers/Teams tab or the Entrylist tab for your event, and click the “Download Entrylist” button.

Can users access performance analysis for events that have manual result entry?

Performance Analysis is not available for the manual results you have created in the past. However, all future results that use the result upload feature will come with Performance Analysis.

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