Event Hosting Made Simple

Eliminate the complexities of managing your league through spreadsheets. Effortlessly organise events, explore different games, and transform the sim racing experience for both you and your community.

ACC Xbox
F1 2023
rFactor 2

Create Championships

Create and manage championships of all kinds, from single events to multi-round endurance series.

Grow Your Community

Fill your grids by showcasing your community and events to thousands of quality drivers.

Earn Money with Boosts

SimGrid's unique Boost-to-Earn program enables hosts to earn revenue from every boost their members contribute.

Create events on all platforms

Run Championships for ACC on PC to Gran Turismo 7 on PS5. Our system works for PC and Console.

Join the most dynamic Sim Racing Platform in the world

SimGrid reviews each and every community who wants to join our platform to ensure that users are experiencing the highest quality in championship management.

Laps Completed
6 m+
30000 +
Sim Racing Communities
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“The SimGrid helped grow our league from a few members to over 300 in less than 2 months!”
Kevin H
Box Motorsport

Organising Events has never been this easy

The SimGrid platform makes it ridiculously easy to create and manage events and championships with a custom built event management system created specifically for racing games.

Automatic Leaderboards

Entry Lists, Results and Championship leaderboards are automatically created by SimGrid. Say goodbye those Google Sheets!

Open or Restricted Registration

Open events up to the entire SimGrid community or limit events to your followers.

Automatic Entry List Creation

Entry lists are created automatically when drivers sign up to your events with segmentation by class and split is all taken care of.

Single or Multi-round events

Create and manage championships of all kinds, from single events to multi-round endurance series.

Incredibly flexible Scoring Systems

SimGrid boasts a robust and adaptable point scoring system, unmatched in its versatility. As a host, we empower you with the tools and flexibility to craft a championship that aligns perfectly with your vision.

Overall Scoring

Experience the pinnacle of competition with our all-encompassing championship scoring. Regardless of class or category, see who stands tall as the overall champion.

Class Scoring

Delve into category-specific races with Class Championship Scoring. Tailored for each race type, it ensures a balanced and competitive environment for every racer.

Grouped Scoring

Introducing Grouped Scoring: Bundle competitors based on specific classes. Perfect for leagues that appreciate variety and the diversity of skill levels in sim racing.

Fastest Lap Rewards

Award additional points to competitors who achieve the fastest lap in a race. Every second counts, and now they can make the difference between a win and a loss.

Race by Race Points

With our Race-by-race Points Scoring, each event can have its unique scoring, ensuring dynamic and unpredictable championships.

Team Points

Racing is more than just individual glory. With Team Scoring, gather your best racers, strategize, and clinch the title as the undisputed top racing team on SimGrid.

Manufacturer Points

Brand loyalty takes the center stage. Manufacturer Scoring allows automotive brands to gain points based on their vehicles' performances. Celebrate victories not just as a racer, but as a brand!

Prebuilt Points Options

Customization meets convenience. Choose from our range of Prebuilt Point Systems – be it linear, progressive, F1-styled, FIA Endurance, or Le Mans-inspired. Tailor your races to perfection.

Host Events on Multiple Games and multiple platforms

ACC Xbox
F1 2023
rFactor 2
“Working with The SimGrid to get our league racing off the ground has been nothing short of exceptional. They are a professional team that not only supports their hosts like us, but also creates engaging content that excites their userbase. Creating a league with The SimGrid has created lasting relationships within our team and our users.”
Half Fast Gaming

Customize your Community Profile

Turn your community page into a new home. Display your next events, calendar, driver lists and championship standings. Customize your page with your own logo, country flag, background banner and social media links from Discord to Instagram.

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