Pro Tokens

When signing up your team to SimGrid Pro for teams you will be given access to Pro team features and the ability to gift up to 5 of your team members with SimGrid Pro for Drivers. We call these Pro Tokens.

When assigning these team members, they will gain access to all the features of SimGrid Pro.

There are some rules when assigning these tokens, this document will outline how to assign tokens and the rules associated with them.

Pro Token Rules

  1. You cannot assign a Pro Token to a member who is already a Pro subscriber. If you want to assign a token to that team member, they will first need to cancel their existing subscription and wait for the remaining days in their subscription to run out. You will only be able to assign them a token after their existing subscription has run out.
  2. Assigning a Pro Token to a team member will give them a Pro subscription for as long as the team is subscribed to SimGrid Pro. If the team cancels their subscription, then the team members who have been given Pro through a Pro Token will also lose their subscription.
  3. Once a team member has been assigned a Pro Token, this token is locked for a period of One (1) Month. 
  4. Once the One (1) Month grace period has passed, the team will gain access to that Pro Token again.
  5. If you remove a team member who has been assigned a Pro Token and is not under the One (1) Month grace period, then the Pro Token will be returned to the team.
  6. If you remove a team member who has been assigned a Pro Token and the token is locked under the One (1) Month grace period, then Pro Token will not be returned to the team until the end of the grace period. The removed team member will also lose their Pro subscription at that time.

How to Assign Tokens

Assigning tokens are straightforward and can be done via the Members page in your Edit Team Profile section:

  1. Login to your SimGrid account
  2. Purchase SimGrid Pro for Teams
  3. Click My Teams from your profile drop down in the top menu
  4. Click the manage icon
  5. Click Members
  6. Each team member will have a dropdown menu next to their name. Open the window and select an available token to assign this token to that team member
  7. Press Save Changes at the bottom of the page
  8. A reminder that once a team member is assigned a Pro Token, this is locked for a period of One (1) Month.

Purchasing More Tokens

The ability to purchase Pro Tokens will be added in a few days time, got some kinks we need to iron out.

If your team consists of more than 5 members and you want to give those members access to Pro features then you can purchase extra Pro Tokens. These tokens work out to be 40% cheaper than an individual driver subscription. Value. For. Money.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Login to your SimGrid account
  2. Click My Teams from your profile drop down in the top menu
  3. Click the manage icon on the team you want to purchase more tokens
  4. Click Members
  5. For the members who don’t yet have Pro you will see a Buy More Tokens button. 
  6. Click it.
  7. Select the amount of tokens you want to buy
  8. Proceed to payment

When you have completed payment you will be redirected back to SimGrid and if you return to the Team Members page you will see that you have more tokens to assign to your members.

How you’re charged for Pro Tokens

Extra tokens are add-ons to a team subscription and therefore only the user who pays the team subscription can add extra tokens to the team subscription. 

When you first purchase extra tokens, prorated charges will be applied and chargeable immediately. The amount to be paid will depend on the time remaining until the next subscription renewal date. At the next renewal date, the value of any extra tokens will be added to the amount due e.g. $15.00 (Team Subscription) + $3.00 (One extra token) = $18.00 exc. VAT

(Prices quoted above are subject to change without notice)

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