David Perel

Setting Grid Rating Requirements for Events

Enabling “Grid Rating Requirements” allows Hosts to restrict users of specific Grid Rating categories to register. The requirements can be set event-wide, or you can have different requirements for different classes in your event. Global Requirements To enable this, simply tick the “Grid Rating Required” box on the “Setup” tab

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Result Process Requirements

With the introduction of Grid Rating, we have had to make some significant changes to the process of results in order to protect the validity of the results and ensure that the Grid Rating calculations are correct. The biggest change is that once results are published, they cannot be deleted

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Social Media Manager

About Speed Capital Speed Capital is the parent company of three prominent businesses in the sim racing industry: SimGrid, SimTrader, and Coach Dave Academy. We are looking for a part-time Social Media Manager to help us promote our businesses and engage with our community of sim racing enthusiasts. Job Summary

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Introducing Boost to Earn

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of Boost to Earn, our new feature that gives Hosts the opportunity to earn a commission on every boost purchased by members of their community. With Boost to Earn, Hosts can now earn a steady stream of income from their community’s boosts, with no

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Host Support Guide

As a Host, we have two ways of getting support on SimGrid: Discord and Email. The following document will help you better understand which route to choose when seeking help on the website: TL;DR Product Help For product related queries, to request new features or report a bug, please head

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How to disable adverts

Upgrading to SimGrid Pro gives you the ability to disable adverts on the website. Here’s how to do it. If you wish to support our advertisers (and the website), you can turn adverts back on, simply return to the same page and check the setting again.

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How to link Discord to your SimGrid Host Account

In order to connect your Discord to SimGrid Pro for Hosts you need to enter your Discord Guild ID on your host connection page. Connecting Discord to your SimGrid Host account requires at least 2x Boosts. Step 1: Link your Discord Server Provide a link to your Discord server for

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How to manage your SimGrid Pro subscription

To manage your subscription, first you need to go to the Edit Profile which you can access from the drop down menu located in the top right corner of the website. Once on the edit profile page, navigate to Billing & Payments from the menu on the left side.  At

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