How to manage your SimGrid Pro subscription

To manage your subscription, first you need to go to the Edit Profile which you can access from the drop down menu located in the top right corner of the website. Once on the edit profile page, navigate to Billing & Payments from the menu on the left side.  At

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How to sync your SimGrid calendar

Never miss a race with the ability to sync your personal calendar with your upcoming races. Take full control of your schedule with SimGrid Pro calendar reminders. To sync your calendar, click on your profile in the top right-hand corner of the SimGrid home page. This will open the dropdown

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How to use the new Server Config Builder

The Server Config Builder is a new feature for ACC event hosts with 3 or more boosts. It allows hosts to easily configure all server settings within the Edit Event interface without the need for extensive knowledge of JSON file structures and formats. The tool incorporates every parameter found in

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Pro Tokens

When signing up your team to SimGrid Pro for teams you will be given access to Pro team features and the ability to gift up to 5 of your team members with SimGrid Pro for Drivers. We call these Pro Tokens. When assigning these team members, they will gain access

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