Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Become A Host On SimGrid

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2023 has seen a massive rise of newly formed communities looking for a way to host races and events in sim racing. You may also be an existing and established community now looking for a new place to call home. We got you!

Why Choose SimGrid?

SimGrid is already used by many professional organisations and hundreds of sim racing communities alike daily.

When you are accepted after applying, you get to network with these 400+ other community managers through our discord dedicated to hosts on SimGrid. They share many great ideas and help influence the road map of the SimGrid you see today.

Did you know SimGrid is the official partner of SRO Esports and they use our platform and technology to successfully host all four SRO competitions including SRO Europe, Asia & USA Sprint Series, and the Intercontinental GT Challenge endurance on Assetto Corsa Competitizone?

Motorsport UK also uses SimGrid. Motorsport UK is the governing body of four-wheel motorsport in the UK and is a founding member of the world governing body, the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). They use our technology to host events on iRacing.

The Amount Of Sims Available

SimGrid is the most versatile hosting platform available in sim racing with a plethora of titles for you to choose from to host events.

Assetto Corsa Competizione is available on PC, Xbox & PlayStation. iRacing is an option for you on PC, along with rFactor 2 and our newly added sim, Automobilista 2. You then get functionality for F1 2023 across PC, Xbox & PlayStation thanks to its crossplay feature and finally Gran Turismo 7 is an option on PlayStation.

This means a total of 8 different options are available to you as a host and you can choose to just host on one of these titles and be a one-trick pony, or host on all of them and have total diversity.

Manage Your Host & Team Events With Ease

Whether you are a host, or a team looking to race with a host, managing team events on SimGrid is one of the easiest things you can do. With a custom-built event management system made specifically for racing games.

After you create a SimGrid profile you can create teams and hosts under that profile. The benefit to this is creating and managing your permanent teams that can enter single events or long championships where your history is never erased. This helps build up your team profiles with team results, events entered, drivers who raced these events and more. You can then assign team admins and driver admins who can look after these teams.

Alongside this, when you are a host and when a team enters a championship, the event host can also manage the entered teams to help keep things even more organised, with simple event management allowing them to amend driver orders, driver lineups, team entry names and more.

SimGrid has a fantastic step-by-step validation process that makes it almost impossible to get anything wrong, with prompts and reminders on what to fill out and enter when creating or signing up teams.

Race Result Management Made Easy

For many communities, importing or processing end-of-race results is the largest headache, with SimGrid you say goodbye to Google Sheets and Docs.

For the sims that allow it, SimGrid has developed one of the smoothest import/export functions with entry lists and race result files, where with a few clicks you have your entire championship standings presented in a beautiful interface for all to view. It really is as simple as;

  • Export the result files from your dedicated server
  • Import qualifying and race results to the SimGrid website
  • Confirm results and publish

For the sims that don’t allow it, SimGrid still has the next best thing with manual uploading of results, so you still get that beautiful interface for your championship standings.

Before you publish results, you also get amazing post-race result amendment functionality that is unrivalled;

  • Add time penalties
  • Subtract time penalties
  • DSQ/DNF/DNS functions
  • Adjust lap count
  • Adjust overall time

Grid Ratings For Events

One of our most highly anticipated updates of the year arrived in May after 5 months of hard work behind the scenes. As hosts you now have the ability to set rating limits on events and classes when creating new races and championships. Finally, the power is in your hands and you can control who can enter a specific class or race depending on their ability as a driver.

Grid Ratings have the following levels:

  • Rookie: 0-2249
  • Seasoned Rookie: 0-2249 and 20+ races on the SimGrid platform
  • Intermediate: 2250-3499
  • Semi-Pro: 3500-4999
  • Pro: 5000+ 
  • Alien: 5000+ and 75+ races on the SimGrid platform

These Grid Ratings apply to all titles but importantly are all separate. This means that if you are a community hosting events on multiple games, a driver’s performance on one game/platform does not impact the Grid Rating they have on another.

An Exciting Roadmap That Is Constantly Evolving

Our exciting roadmap is constantly being worked on. We regularly ask for feedback from our community hosts who in turn help decide our road map. Our next big feature that is due for imminent release was the most highly requested feature ever from our hosts and some of these features will be exclusive to SimGrid.

So we cannot wait to share these with them and you! Join today.


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