Automobilista 2 Lands At SimGrid

AMS2 Banner

Yes, you heard us right! 

We have added yet another sim racing title to the ever-expanding platform here at SimGrid to take our total to 8 racing titles. AMS2 joins the likes of iRacing, ACC, RF2, Gran Turismo & F1, making SimGrid one of the most diverse hosting platforms in sim racing today.

What Is AMS2?

Automobilista 2 is a racing title from Reiza Studios, released in May of 2020 it is one of the newer titles on the market (cue iRacing 2008, RF2 2013 or ACC 2018). 

The long-awaited v1.5 milestone update for Automobilista 2 was officially released in July, featuring a major overhaul to the physics of all cars in the game, a new DLC introducing dirt & rallycross racing to the sim, along with an extensive list of new features and improvements.

Add this to the already extensive car and track list the sim has to offer and you can find yourself racing in state-of-the-art shifter karts, v8 supercars, stock cars and more, or you can go classical and race around in 1992 DTMs, vintage formula cars like the 1974 Brabham or 1965 Mini Coopers. 

With over 192 cars across 82 different classes in the AMS2 list and 58 tracks with 179 layouts to choose from, including all your favourites from ovals to kart venues, you are not short of content to keep you racing. 

Did we mention this might also be the best sim for VR racing? Don’t just take our word on that either, everywhere you look will say VR racers need AMS2 in their life, with a tremendous out-of-the-box experience giving you arguably the best-looking racing title graphically in VR.

Find A Race On SimGrid

Just like with all our sim racing titles, you will now be able to find Automobilista 2 on SimGrid. You can now use our new and improved search functionality on the SimGrid landing page to find your next AMS2 race. 

Don’t forget with our new home page you are greeted with ‘find your next race’ and the most recently created events will always appear at the top here. Remember to keep an eye out for our /🔥trending tab as we are sure AMS2 will be popular and this is a way for you to not miss out. 

You can also use our advanced filter functionality to now search for AMS2 events only, or if you know which community host has AMS2 events, you can search for them specifically instead. 

VGTR Community Host First AMS2 Event On SimGrid

On Sunday August 27th, the VGTR Community will play host to the very first AMS2 race on the SimGrid platform. 

They will take you to Interlagos, Brazil, with space for 32 drivers in a Formula multiclass event. The event will feature Brazilian F3 and Formula Inter with 16 grid slots in each class. 

The event itself will feature a 15-minute practice session, a 20-minute qualifying session and a 45-minute race – sign up today.

Become An AMS2 Host

Are you a group or community that hosts AMS2 but currently have no professional platform to put it all together? Why not look at SimGrid today? 

Becoming a host on SimGrid has never been easier and you will be creating your very first AMS2 league or event on the very same day you apply

  • Customise your community so it’s unique on SimGrid
  • Create & manage events or championships professionally 
  • Fill your grids by having your races showcased to 45,000+ users
  • Utilise professional tools created specifically for sim racing

For now, specifically with AMS2, current hosts will be able to create leagues, events and races and it will have manual upload for results in your results tab on the championship page.

Special Mention For oNiD Racing

We have to give a special mention to the oNiD Racing Community.

They have been an enormous help in getting AMS2 added to SimGrid, working with our team and providing us with the content lists and photos of the tracks for use on SimGrid so we can bring this sim racing title to life for you all to enjoy. 

As a result, all AMS2 content is available and ready for selection on SimGrid!


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