New SimGrid Home Page Gets Huge Make Over


Here at SimGrid we never rest on our laurels as we are striving to be the best and we roll out yet another fantastic update for our 45,000 users. Here is your brand new SimGrid home page with a much smarter user interface, a brilliant search functionality system and an improved filter options menu to make your experience on SimGrid that much smoother. Here’s why it’s now insanely easy to find your next race.

Brand New Homepage Layout 

When you hit the landing page of the previous version of SimGrid you would always be greeted with a plethora of events in no particular order. Sometimes it would show events starting soon, events from popular hosts or events that were almost at capacity with no particular structure. 

Now this has all been revamped and from today the most recently created events from any of our SimGrid hosts, on any platform or game they race, will feature at the top of the homepage regardless of the starting date.

This creates more equal opportunities for all of SimGrids hosts to feature as the no1 event on the website. This also gives you, the users better opportunities to see events you may have previously missed.

This is why we have brand new, clearly defined sections for you to browse also, making your search for the next race that much easier.

Trending Events

Scroll down slightly on the home page and you are met with Trending Events. Here users will be greeted with grids that are filling up quickly. This will initially show you the top 3 events with the most sign-ups in the last seven days, allowing you to get in on the action as well. You can then use our new scroll function to continue your search for more trending events. 

Your Host Events

Here you can browse events from the SimGrid hosts you specifically follow, if you are not following a particular host you will not see their events and if you are a new user on SimGrid and you do not follow a single host yet, this category will be missing, so make sure you follow your favourites and keep up to date with what events they have coming up.

Races Starting Soon

These particular events will show in priority order based on when registration closes, you will see a countdown timer on how long you have left to get on the grid for the events that are still available. The races starting soon tab acts much like a wild card entry so you can just jump in and race for that one particular race. Here you will also see championships that may have already started that are still allowing sign-ups mid-season.

Events Starting Soon

These are the championship events that are starting in the next seven days and can feature hosts that you both do and do not follow. These could be events that you have missed entirely when looking for a race and this tab gives you your final opportunity to sign up before it is too late.

Discover New Hosts

With over 350 hosts on SimGrid, it is easy to miss a few of them. The events that feature here are specific to the hosts you do not follow, who are hosting events that may take your fancy. Every time you hit the homepage you could find three completely different hosts you never knew existed and you may stumble upon your perfect race.

Discover New Games

Here you’ll be seeing games and racing platforms that you do not race on frequently or even at all. So if your go-to sim happens to be iRacing, you’ll be hard-pushed to find an iRacing event here. The idea of this category is to highlight the games and racing platforms from hosts that you may have missed that SimGrid has functionality for. You may have never known SimGrid runs events on Gran Turismo 7 for example but it is what you like to race on for your downtime, here you can find those types of events.

All that is left for you to do now is head over to SimGrid and start searching for your next race.


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