SimGrid Hosting Made Easier


Registering as a new host is now open and it has never been easier. Previously, you needed to go through a vetting process to discuss your community, you had to request access and justify why you should be on the platform and this worked very well. This got us our first 350 hosts.

Now, for the first time ever it has opened up and as of this week, anyone can create a community account without a barrier between them and hosting their first event.

Why Should You Join SimGrid

SimGrid is a leading event-hosting platform designed for Sim Racing. You can manage your sim racing events for communities of any size and SimGrid caters for PC, PlayStation and Xbox racing games and simulators.

Last week SimGrid launched event hosting with no vetting process or wall to get over, meaning you can apply to host events and create your first event on the very same day. The process could not be easier. Fill out some general information like your community name and description, include your community logo and banner image, link all your social media platforms and you are ready to hit the track.

Organise Easily

The SimGrid platform makes it ridiculously easy to create and manage events and championships with a custom-built event management system created specifically for racing games.

  • Automatic Leaderboards – Entry Lists, Results and Championship leaderboards are automatically created by SimGrid. Say goodbye to those Google Sheets!
  • Open Or Restricted Registration – Open events up to the entire SimGrid community with more than 45,000 users registered or limit events to your own community followers via private links.
  • Dynamic Entry List Creation – Entry lists are created automatically when drivers sign up to your events with segmentation by class and split is all taken care of, so you can easily import your entrylist.Json files to the site.
  • Single Or Multi-Round Events – Create and manage championships of all kinds, from single events to multi-round endurance series with sign-ups allowing followers only, wild card registrations or full series entries only.

Host Events On Multiple Platforms

You can host events on the following platforms using SimGrid technology for PC, PlayStation & Xbox:

  • Assetto Corsa Competizione – PC/PS/Xbox
  • iRacing – PC
  • rFactor 2 – PC
  • Formula 1 2023 – Crossplay
  • Gran Turismo 7 – PlayStation

Brand New Grid Rating Systems To Use

One of our most highly anticipated updates finally arrived in May after 5 months of hard work behind the scenes. You now have the ability to set rating limits on events and classes when creating new races and championships as a host. Finally, you can control who can enter a specific class or race depending on their ability as a driver.

Grid Ratings have the following levels:

  • Rookie: 0-2249
  • Seasoned Rookie: 0-2249 and 20+ races on the SimGrid platform
  • Intermediate: 2250-3499
  • Semi-Pro: 3500-4999
  • Pro: 5000+ 
  • Alien: 5000+ and 75+ races on the SimGrid platform

This means that if you are a community hosting events on multiple games a driver’s performance on one game/platform does not impact the GR they have on another.

Customisation For Your Community

Turn your community page into a new home. Display your next events, calendar, driver lists and championship standings. Customise your page with your logo, country flag, background banner and social media links from Discord to Instagram.

  • Custom Logo
  • Location
  • Social Links
  • Discord Link
  • Event Calendar

Become A Part Of The SimGrid Family

Not only do you get a flawless experience hosting your community events on the SimGrid platform, but you get to be a part of something much bigger. Enter into a world of like-minded community owners, admins and moderators where you will have daily access to communicate and talk with individuals also operating in this space.

  • You will get internal announcements showcasing the future features of SimGrid
  • Get a dedicated platform to share ideas, thoughts and also issues that may arise with hosting
  • Network with over 350 different community managers using the SimGrid platform daily
  • Directly influence operations at the SimGrid with valuable ideas and suggestions


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