SimGrid and LFM Join Forces

blog-image-simgrid and lfm

We have some VERY big news. Many of you know will be familiar with the Daily Racing platform we built and run on SimGrid. It is a hybrid copy of GT Sport Daily Racing and iRacing seasons, but for ACC.

I always found the online experience on ACC very frustrating, so we set about building our own version of it. Initially it took off like a rocket, our beta phase was very well received as users discovered that they had the same desire as me – find a race at any time of day with competitive and clean players.

When we released the official Version 1 numbers went up even more… but so did expenses. While this was occurring we started to gain a lot of traction on the main SimGrid website and that started to take up a lot of resources (aka a lot of money…).

As a result I couldn’t continue investing in both platforms, I had to make a choice, which meant we couldn’t release features that so many of you wanted on Daily Racing. I always wanted to find a business model for Daily Racing that would make it sustainable but it wasn’t possible.

Meanwhile over in Germany a competitor rose up, Low Fuel Motorsport, and they started to build all the things which we hoped to do at SimGrid Daily Racing. Their popularity grew very fast as they continued to do an amazing job with their seasonal racing idea.

It’s fair to say that LFM are now the dominant player in this space. So I reached out to their founder, Boris, to see if there was something we could do together and I am very happy to say that we came up with an awesome solution.

Going forward we are going to collaborate deeply with LFM. This will include integrating with their Safety and ELO Ratings, allowing you to link your LFM account to SimGrid. As a result of this, we will develop features that help LFM players easily determine which split they should be in for SimGrid events.

On the flip side, we will close Daily Racing and start recommending you use LFM. LFM will also list upcoming SimGrid Championships and events on their website.

This kind of partnership is unheard of in the ACC/Sim Racing world. Bringing together technology for the better of all sim racers is a dream we both share. I am really excited about this step as it allows SimGrid to focus on our Events platform and LFM can focus on daily/seasonal racing!

The Daily Racing website will be closing at the end of February and integration with LFM ELO  scoring system will likely be completed by the middle of March. I cannot wait to begin this collaboration!


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