Introducing the SimGrid Partner Program


We are proud to inform you all of our SimGrid Partner Program, a way for Hosts to earn commission on sales of SimGrid Pro!

With the SimGrid Partner Program, eligible hosts will earn a minimum of 20% commission on each SimGrid Pro customer referral sale. Simply share the referral link, and whenever a user signs up to SimGrid Pro using this referral, you will receive 20% commission of the subscription. This commission isn’t just based on the initial signup either, but the entire time that the user has an active SimGrid Pro subscription.

We are always looking for opportunities for our Hosts to benefit from the economy that we are trying to build on SimGrid. It began last year with the integration of entry fees, now the creation of this SimGrid Partner Program and changes to SimGrid Pro for Hosts where your users will be able to pay for your boosts (coming soon) so that, as admins, you don’t have to bare the cost yourselves.

Hosts are eligible to join the SimGrid Partner Program once they meet certain criteria:

  • Hosts must have an attendance ratio of over 50%
  • 100+ Followers
  • 5+ completed events

At this early stage, we will be contacting each Host who is eligible and invited to join the SimGrid Partner Program. In future you will have a way to check your eligibility status, but until then we will check regularly to see if any more hosts become eligible to join.

Hosts who are invited to join the SimGrid Partner Program will begin with a commission rate of 20%. As you generate more SimGrid Pro customers, your commission percentage will increase:

  • 1-50 customers = 20% commission
  • 51-150 customers = 30% commission
  • 151-250 customers = 40% commission
  • 251+ customers = 50% commission

To provide a monetary example, if you have generated 60 SimGrid Pro customers, you’ll receive 20% commission on the first 50 and 30% commission on the next 10. If all 60 were paying the $5.00 individual SimGrid Pro subscription, you would have a monthly commission of $65.

Of course, if you are converting sales into SimGrid Pro for Teams, then your commission is going to be higher as the subscription cost is more. E.g. 60 SimGrid Pro for Teams customers would yield a monthly commission of $195!

If you have any questions regarding the Partner Program then please don’t hesitate to contact us in your private community channel or the community managers channel.


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