How To Help Yourself When Hosting Events


Hosting events can be a rewarding and exciting endeavour, but it does require careful planning and organisation to ensure your event is a hit, regardless of whether it is a one-off event or an entire championship.


In this guide, we will walk you through the essential steps to host successful events and provide you with valuable tips on making your events stand out. 

After all, you are trying to fill your events against the other 500+ hosts on the SimGrid platform. But SimGrid does have 50,000+ drivers signed up to the platform, so it has plenty of drivers to share around. 

Creating Your Event

When you create your event you must ensure you provide a full description. Include the event name, what the event is about and what drivers can expect from your event. 

Tip: There should be no doubt from any drivers signing up. If they ask questions, you have missed important details they need.

Specify the date and time of the event or championship, with details of each round clearly marked in the races tab. 

Next, you should clearly outline the event structure, such as the session types, time of days, weather conditions, track conditions and more. 

You want anyone signing up to know exactly what they are signing up for.

Make Registration A Simple Process

There have been many past events where trying to register for an event feels like you are going through a multiverse of madness. Make this simple

You can highlight any prerequisites or requirements for drivers, such as using SimGrids Grid Ratings to organise drivers by class, or by using the Attendance Ratio feature to aid with the signing-up process. 

SimGrid helps you with a professional and clear structure. 

The Importance Of A Poster

A well-designed event poster is crucial for attracting drivers and giving your event identity. 

Use engaging visuals to include images, logos or branding to help your event. You increase the likelihood of sign-ups the more attractive and eye-catching you make this.  

To go one step further than just one event poster, you should create thumbnails, and round-by-round posters, or even post-race photography can be a winner to engage drivers.

Include essential information on said posters such as the event name, date, time and track. Add eye-catching headlines and even a brief description.

Utilise The SimGrid Event Management Tool Properly

SimGrid is a powerful event management tool that can streamline the process of hosting events for you. It is the very reason we created a professional tool in the first place. 

It allows you to manage registrations, drivers, communications, results and more. 

When creating events, we set out clear guidelines for you to give you a perfectly structured event and you should be following it (we know not all communities do – we have seen events created without a simple description even, it’s not very appealing.) 

When creating a new championship ensure you are utilising all of the sections; 

  • Host Selection
  • Championship Details
  • Grid Ratings
  • Driver Attendance
  • Entry Fee
  • Championship Features
  • Discord Settings
  • General Settings

To Conclude

By following these steps and taking advantage of all the points, you can significantly increase your chances of hosting successful events and championships. 

If your event is appealing, you won’t need to do any work in getting drivers to sign up. They will know when something is worth their time.

Remember, clear and detailed descriptions, captivating posters, proper use of the event management tool and making things simple are all key points to help you help yourself when hosting. 

And all this is before you have started to promote and market these events and championships which we will cover in our ‘Become A Master Marketeer Guide’ 


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