Community Spotlight: SimZone


SimGrid is one of the leading platforms in providing a safe haven for sim racing communities across the world. We thrive on professionalism and are honoured to have worked with so many great communities over the past year or so. Every community that has chosen the SimGrid as its home has its own uniqueness and this week we would like to shed some light on a community called SimZone. A community that is mighty passionate and have big aspirations.

We had the absolute pleasure of talking to SimZone creator and owner Gaurav Bhogra who was more than happy to chat with us. Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about the SimZone!

Where it all began

The SimZone was established in July 2020. Bhogra, a petrol head at heart, started racing online 2 years ago, roughly just before the pandemic started. Having joined other communities as a driver, he instantly fell in love with the idea of creating a community full of like-minded sim racers.

This idea birthed the creation of SimZone and it was immediately a hit. Within a few days, the community grew to over 200 plus drivers. The community started out on Project Cars 2 (Playstation) and Assetto Corsa Competizione (Playstation + PC). Since then, they have stopped Project Cars 2 and the main focus shifted onto ACC, but there is also a mission in place to expand to other sim titles in 2022.

SimGrid incoming

The working relationship between SimGrid and SimZone has been a thoroughly successful one, but let’s take you back to the start. Bhogra got in contact with our very own team and they discussed the potential of a partnership. The idea was to kick it off as soon as the leagues opened up back in July 2021. Bhogra had heard about SimGrid through a friend who moved from console to PC and had highly recommended SimGrid for hosting league events/championships. 

Since July 2021, SimGrid has brought many new members to the SimZone leagues and has made the hosting of their events much easier. Bhogra also mentioned how professional and efficient the leagues are run now especially considering how small his staff team is.

Racing opportunities

SimZone offers some of the best GT3 racing out there and of course, it’s their most popular format. As mentioned, they have championships running on both PC and Playstation, allowing a huge variety of people to get involved with their events. On the PC side, their GT3 championship runs on Saturday evenings and they are currently taking entries for Season 4. It’s an 8 round Championship with a live stream and a broadcast team like no other.

If Playstation is your choice of weapon then you are in for a treat. The SimZone are currently running a GT3, GT4 and a Porsche SuperCup Championship. The GT3 championship is run on Sunday evenings and just like the PC version it is an 8 round championship. The GT4 championship is hosted on a Thursday while the Porsche SuperCup is on Tuesday evenings. That’s plenty of racing to keep anyone busy enough!

The future of SimZone 

Looking ahead, SimZone has some big plans. Owner Bhogra had this to say when I asked him about the future, “Our aim is to bridge the gap in sim-racing between PC and consoles. We want everyone to feel involved, no matter which platform they’re on. Being involved with real motorsport, we also aim to bring the sim-racing community to real-life events and experience the atmosphere that racing brings.”

The SimZone definitely brings its own uniqueness into the sim racing world. A community like no other that is trying to converge the real racing world together with the sim world. At SimGrid we are so happy to be working with them and we hope to see them continuously grow and pioneer as a Sim Racing community.

2022 SimZone Endurance Championship

Saving the best for last, SimZone is bringing you their inaugural Endurance Championship on ACC on the PC platform. It’s going to be absolutely epic with 147 drivers all challenging to take the crown of the first-ever SimZone Endurance Champion title.

With 2 prize sponsors and a generous $500 prize pool, you really don’t want to miss out on the action! Check out 2 of the prizes over here: and Silentx Energy.

The endurance championship will be broadcasted by The SimZone Broadcast team, who have worked for SimStaff and Williams Esports and it will include:

  • Dual cameras (watching 2 battles at the same time)
  • Instant replays
  • Grid walks
  • Track walks
  • Driver interviews 
  • Driver of the day voting system

For those lucky drivers who finish the championship right at the top, there are some pretty generous rewards on offer.

  • 1st – 50% of the prize pool + 1st place trophy + Silentx Energy Tub + SimRacing gloves
  • 2nd – 30% of the prize pool + 2nd place trophy + Silentx Energy Sachets + SimRacing gloves
  • 3rd – 20% of prize pool + 3rd place trophy + Silentx Energy Sachets + SimRacing gloves
  • 4th – Free Entry to our next prize pool championship + 1 CDA setup
  • 5th – Free Entry to our next prize pool championship + 1 CDA setup


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