Community Spotlight: Project Reborn


In today’s Community Spotlight, we are discovering more about French community Project Reborn. PRB started its activity in 2021 and has since been primarily focused on endurance racing, becoming a point of reference for every passionate sim racer. One of its strengths is the great cohesion between drivers and community admins, and we had a chat with their admin Jérémy, who was kind enough to tell us everything you need to know about his organisation. 

Why Project Reborn?

The naming of the community comes from a story of rebirth, as Jérémy explained. “Project Reborn was founded in 2021 after the brutal end of our previous organisation named ACCF. That’s also the reason for the name: at first, it was a codename because that was the Discord to create the project to reorganise our community. But we never changed it and when we wanted to, it was too late because the name Project Reborn and PRB had already become popular”.

A name was randomly chosen, but that became final once the community gained some popularity. Since then, PRB started to grow in numbers with Jérémy at the helm, while receiving some important support from some of the drivers involved in the competitions. “They help a lot with minor things like some graphic work, the website. But they are also the stewards of our events and that’s very important because without them we can’t do anything professional during endurance races”. 

A focus on endurance

The shortage of staff makes Project Reborn a community going for quality rather than raw quantity; they host only endurance races and never sprint series. Although they often organise one-off events, PRB is mainly known for their high-level championships that span months, which the PRES: Project Reborn Endurance Series is the best example of.

The series has now reached its third edition and is currently coming into its final phase, but considering the success it has gathered, there will certainly be more in the future. “It’s important to listen to your community to understand what they want, what they like and how you can reproduce this in your event”, Jérémy told The SimGrid.

The Project Reborn Endurance Series is widely considered the biggest French endurance championship and it has become a reference for a lot of teams – not only on the national scene but at an international level as well. “We’ll never say we are the best endurance championship, but we are proud of where we brought PRES for the third season”. 

Future projects

In regards to what is coming next, unfortunately for us, Jérémy remained tight-lipped, but the action is far from being over! “I am sorry, but we can’t reveal anything. Just look at our social media to be aware of what we will do,” he teased.

Elsewhere, whilst not strictly related to on-track action, the new year will bring fans of Project Reborn a fun competition mainly for bragging rights: a livery competition that underlines the strong community spirit at PRB. “In January we will have a livery contest where all the Ferrari Challenge that compete in our endurance series will face, but only for visual battle,” Jérémy explained.

In fact, in the first 2024 race of PRES, teams will switch from their usual GT3 car to race the Ferrari Challenge at Monza, a nice twist which shows that the series’ admins have a lot of creativity to use for future events.


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