Community Spotlight: JL Motorsports


Another week, another community. Today at The SimGrid we are taking a deep dive into the world of JL Motorsports, which hosted one of the preliminary championships in the Grand Finals project. But, as you can imagine, the activity of JL is much more than that! They are currently launching a new sprint championship and will be hosting a large endurance race in the near future. Enough chatting, let’s read what Remco Ottens, the community owner, told us.

Who’s behind JL Motorsports?

JL Motorsports was founded by two sim racing enthusiasts, Jack Daly and Lewis Kennett, who wanted to provide regular and consistent leagues on the ACC platform. “The league grew exponentially through hosting public lobby servers that people race on daily to this day,” Remco told us. Curiously enough, the community admins have not always been the same from the beginning. In fact, just last year there was a change, with Remco becoming the owner of the league since the start of 2022.

“I have varied experience in server hosting, stewarding for SimGrid and league management and I thought I could help in growing in numbers the communities,” Remco added. JL Motorsport’s wider team of admins includes Nico Veldman, “a highly experienced league admin for various other big communities in the ACC scene himself,” and Pranav Kalavala, “who has strong experience and connections in the ACC esports scene,” as Remco explained.

SimGrid x VCO Grand Finals partnership

JL Motorsports is one of the communities which took part in the Grand Finals preliminary phase, hosting their own championship. While the final stages are organised by SimGrid and are coming up soon, there have been various communities involved in the project. The Endurance Odyssey: A Quest for the Grand Finals has been a great opportunity for JL Motorsports.

“We were delighted to be a part of the SimGrid x VCO Grand Finals qualifiers as it allowed us to touch bases with big teams in the sim racing esports industry and provided us with the knowledge and know-how of what it takes to host fully-fledged esports tournaments. Hopefully, this is one of many for us as it was a great experience for sure”, Remco said.

JL Motorsports’ present and future

Aside from the Grand Finals championship, JL Motorsports offers plenty of racing action for everyone. A key part of each of their events is its categorisation system that will split fields into Pro and Silver classes to make sure that everyone can experience some exciting track action with other racers at the same level. Racers of all ability levels are therefore welcome, as Remco made sure to underline: “We plan to host a number of casual championships with a wide range of car classes such as GT4s and Porsche Cups, making sure that people get the most choice possible for what they’d like to drive”. 

The main championship currently running at JL Motorsports is Season 1: The Inception, a Sunday night 45-minute sprint championship, which will cover four continents. The first green flag will drop at Imola, before the calendar shifts to Kyalami, Silverstone, Suzuka and Watkins Glen which will complete the schedule. 

There is therefore plenty of sprint racing at JL Motorsports, but don’t worry endurance fans, the admins are working on something just for you! “We are in the early stages of planning an enormous 12-hour ‘max grid’ race at Suzuka with the Williams Gaming Club. We’re looking forward to announcing the race in due course!”

We hope you are looking forward to JL Motorsports’ future events at The SimGrid as much as we are.


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