Community Spotlight: Dutch Sim Racing Team


A racing team, but also a community open to everyone in need of help. As you might guess from its name, the host we are covering in today’s Community Spotlight was born as a racing team and still is. But it quickly became more than that. Dutch Sim Racing Team is a competitive team, which is open to welcoming all kinds of racers while hosting fun events and leagues in the meantime. 

Origins and the administration crew

Dutch Sim Racing Team came to life back in 2016 with the purpose of competing in the Logitech G championship. The group was founded by “Guru”, who basically put DSRT on the sim racing map, before parting ways with the community later on. Even without its founder, DSRT is still running thanks to the effort of older and newer admins. Remco, aka “Cracker”, is the factotum of the community and introduced the team to us.

“Bjorn is our Esports manager. He arranges everything that comes with Esport. But he is also always coming up with great ideas for the future. Hendrik is our race engineer, helping the drivers to constantly improve them. We also have drivers who arrange things behind the scenes, such as race control and comment on races. Every DSRT driver is important within the team”.

An ACC and iRacing community

In terms of events hosted, Dutch Sim Racing Team has both casual fun events and more organized league racing. Every Friday DSRT holds an open lobby league on behalf of “Race into the weekend” on ACC. This is a sort of ‘plug-and-play’ kind of event: anyone in possession of 3 track medals and a Safety rating of 70+ can join and start the race.

“Let’s go Radical” is a more organized league on iRacing. Aside from the car and the monthly subscription required by the simulator, all the tracks on the calendar are free content, in order to make the competition more accessible to anyone interested.

24 Hours for Charity: Trick or Treat endurance race

Can a community hosted on SimGrid live without endurance racing? The answer is probably yes, but this is not the case. In fact, Dutch Sim Racing Team is organizing a big one this upcoming weekend. The ‘24 Hours for Charity – Trick or Treat 2022’ will be the main event of the year. Teams will visit Paul Ricard for a noble cause.

“DSRT aims to do something for charity every year”, Remco told us. “Last year we managed to raise 2500 pounds for Cancer Research UK with the Trick or Treat endurance race”. This year, all proceeds will go to Operation Motorsport, which has its own community that we covered in one of our previous Community Spotlight.

“Operation Motorsport is a veteran-led and operated non-profit organization. It was founded for American and Canadian service members and veterans based on three simple words: Excite, Engage and Empower. The premise is to employ, through motorsport’s capabilities, medically retired or retired service members who have been affected by military service, and assist in their recovery”.


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