This Month at SimGrid – March 2022


The month of March here at The SimGrid will see both sprint and endurance racing events on the calendar. The Coach Dave Super Sprint is already underway and will be soon joined by two more championships – the Coach Dave 1000 and the GT World Challenge Esports 2022, organised in collaboration with SRO, are both having a busy month with the qualification phase that previews the proper start of the series scheduled in April. 

Coach Dave Super Sprint

Coach Dave Super Sprint is a brand new championship, which already started on Thursday the 3rd of March with races 1 and 2. The format is quite an exciting one: each round features two 60-minutes races, in which teams of 2 drivers share the wheel. 

Strategy wise, there are some elements that spice things up. In Race 1 a driver swap, tyre change and refuelling are all mandatory during the 10 minutes pit window. Race 2’s grid is determined by the result of Race 1, with the top 10 reversed and freedom of strategy is way more limited. While pit window and driver swap stand, refuelling is not allowed and teams have only 1 tyre set available.

If you missed the action of the inaugural evening, there is no reason to worry, as this month will reserve plenty of it! Two more Thursdays will be busy in March. On the 17th, drivers will visit the tight Zandvoort Circuit, before wrapping up this month with the third round in Barcelona on the 31st. 

Coach Dave 1000

March will also mark the return of endurance racing at The SimGrid. We will get closer and closer to the start of the brand new Coach Dave 1000. As the name of the championship suggests, during the 5 races on the calendar teams will challenge each other on a 1000 km distance on European tracks, starting from Barcelona and visiting Imola, Nurburgring and Silverstone before wrapping things up in Monza. To be more precise, each round will last 6 hours.

The grid of the championship, kicking off Saturday the 2nd of April, will be formed by some of the most prestigious teams on Assetto Corsa Competizione. They will get access either via invite or through the qualification process, and, as it often happens on SimGrid, the competition will feature three splits: Pro, Silver and Am, with prize pools up to $3000.

GT World Challenge Esports 2022 by SimGrid and SRO

Coach Dave 1000 will not be the only championship hosting qualifiers in the upcoming month. The GT World Challenge Esports 2022 will officially start in April, but the qualification process is already underway and will be completed in March.

The GT World Challenge Esports 2022 is the result of three regional championships joining forces to give birth to a global endurance series with two categories, Pro and Silver. Qualifiers to the latter are hosted exclusively on The SimGrid and the top 24 drivers and teams in each series’ hot lap standings will secure a spot for the championship. 

Access to the Pro category is reserved for drivers who scored a certain amount of points in the 2021 GT World Challenge Esports and therefore are not eligible to compete in the Silver category. More in-depth details about the rules of the upcoming championship can be found in the article dedicated.

Just like normal, our Hosts also have a huge number of incredible events open to you this month. To check out each and every one of them, you can head to our Hosts page and find out where you’d like to race next!


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