SimGrid x G Portal Partnership Announcement


In an exciting development for our community, SimGrid is delighted to announce a new partnership with the highly respected gaming server provider, GPORTAL. This partnership is a great opportunity for both brands to grow and enhance the experience for our users.

This partnership is all about sharing what’s great about both our brands, thereby broadening the reach of each other’s dedicated audiences. We’re starting to work together by sharing our marketing efforts and helping our users learn about both of our services.

It Comes At The Perfect Time

This development could not come at a better time either! You may have recently seen the news that SimGrid has over 700 community hosts now on the platform, meaning there are a lot of servers needed to host events!

Enthusiasts of SimGrid will soon notice GPORTALS’ presence in strategically chosen locations across the site, including advertising spaces and the ACC event setup portal. Similarly, customers purchasing an ACC Server through GPORTAL shouldn’t be surprised if SimGrid is highlighted as a recommended league management system. 

About G Portal 

With game servers from GPORTAL, you are relying on an absolute premium product. The best hardware, a clear web interface and fair prices are combined. Whilst our hosts’ main focus will be on ACC servers from GPORTAL, you have the full choice of more than 90 different games and over 14 different server locations worldwide! We know some of our communities offer a wide range of gaming titles alongside sim racing! They make no compromises when it comes to hardware, connection and routing and offer absolute top-pings at reasonable prices.

At GPORTAL they want to offer every player the best possible experience with their server. This includes not only that the availability is always guaranteed, but also that they are always there for you with help and advice and that you are always provided with all important information about your games and servers, for example on their social media channels. And all that at a fair price. That’s the game server business!

This Is Just The Beginning

But this is just the beginning. Both parties are already engaging in discussions aimed at bringing exclusive benefits to our communities. These discussions include the possibility of offering preferential rates to our community hosts and pioneering new solutions designed to enhance the functionality and enjoyment of our services.

Moving forward, you’ll see GPORTAL featured on the SimGrid platform, showing how well our teams are working together. We’re excited to have GPORTAL join the SimGrid family and we’d love for you to check them out. For more about what GPORTAL offers, please visit the GPORTAL Website today.


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