SimGrid Pro Is Now Included With The Delta Subscription


Calling all SimGrid users, we need to talk about SimGrid Pro.

Did you know that SimGrid and Coach Dave Academy are one and the same? Well, things have just become a whole lot clearer as today marks the day when we start to bring these two sim racing brands closer together.

Last week Coach Dave introduced the new Delta subscription that merges the ACC and iRacing setups into one single monthly subscription, doing away with separate subscriptions and instead bringing you incredible value.

Today the team added even more value to the $9.99 Delta subscription by giving you SimGrid Pro services at no extra cost (usually $4.99 p/m).

Why Would I Pay More For Something I Already Have?

As you likely know, SimGrid Pro is $4.99 per month on its own and offers great features such as the Performance Analysis app, access to more in-depth statistics for your driving and additional benefits like calendar sync and ad-free browsing on the platform.

From today, all of these features will also be available in the Delta subscription for just $9.99 per month, along with so much more. But what exactly do you get for the extra $5 per month? I’m glad you asked.

What You Get With The Delta Subscription

  • SimGrid Pro
  • All ACC Setups
  • Meta LFM Setups
  • All iRacing Setups
  • Delta Application for auto-installing setups
  • Early Access to Setups
  • All Data Files
  • All YouTube Onboard Laps
  • Access to all Track Maps
  • Access to all Setup Updates
  • Professional Support via Discord
  • 10% off Coaching Sessions
  • Access to Coach Dave Delta

Just last week ACC and iRacing subs would have cost you $9.99 separately, and $19.98 per month combined, which is why you might have not picked them up before. But they are all yours for just $5 extra in the brand-new Delta subscription.

Make Use Of The Coach Dave Delta App

Delta subscribers also get access to the Coach Dave Delta application which makes managing your setups easier than ever before.

Simply launch the app, jump into your game of choice and your setups will be there waiting for you to use thanks to our smart auto-install technology. You also take the guesswork out of tire pressure and fuel calculations with Coach Dave Delta.

Our new feature automatically adjusts these key variables based on the track and air temperatures you’ve set for your session or for the session you have joined so you get your setup just right every time you hit the track.


All in all, it is a win-win situation for you if you don’t have the Delta Subscription yet, because you already have SimGrid Pro, which means you are one step away from getting over 2,000 setups for use on ACC and iRacing along with our FREE Delta setup management tool with your Delta subscription, and now you can use your SimGrid Pro so you can analyse your performances on track whilst using our setups.

All upside with zero downside. All that is left is for you to get the new Delta subscription. Oh and one last thing… That’s not all. Stay tuned over the next few weeks as there is even more to come from the Delta subscription. If you didn’t think it could get any better, well it is.


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