Close Joins The SimGrid Family


We are thrilled to announce that the beloved ACC and iRacing live timing application,, is now a part of the SimGrid family. has established itself as an indispensable tool for sim racers worldwide, offering real-time race tracking that enhances strategy for drivers, teams, and managers alike. Beyond race organisation and broadcasting, community owners have leveraged to offer an immersive experience to viewers with live timing features that allow viewers to follow the action even closer.

Joining SimGrid marks a new chapter for, adding to our wide suite of applications that cater to sim racers of all levels, from enthusiasts to professional esports competitors. The inclusion of into product lineup reflects our commitment to broadening what we offer in the world of sim racing.

When Toon and Kris reached out to ask if we’d be interested in taking over the platform we jumped at the opportunity because we really believe we can bring a ton to the platform in combination with what we are building on SimGrid and Delta.

We have always had a strong relationship with and its founders – Toon and Kris. Collaborating from the early days of SimGrid and Pitwall, we have always been in constant communication with them. Running a site like Pitwall requires a lot of dedication, both in terms of development and community management.

We are fully committed to using our experience in sim racing and tech, to ensure that Pitwall continues to grow.

What Does This Mean for Users?

Initially, the transition to SimGrid signifies minimal change for users, aside from the need to accept updated terms and conditions to facilitate data transfer, users can carry on using the platform as they have been. Rest assured, the service you know and love remains unchanged at its core.

What is

If you don’t know what is or you have not heard of this application before it’s a must-have app to elevate your racing experience. A simple run down of and its features are as follows:

Video/Stream allows you to link your YouTube, Twitch or Facebook live streams directly to the app in real-time, meaning viewers can keep up with the action live whilst working through the live data provided in Pitwall. 

Live Leaderboards tracks every single car and driver on the grid. You can see the driver behind the wheel, the car they are driving, their lap times, their overall laps, their sector times and the live deltas between each driver. 

Track Maps operates a live track map so you can track where each driver is on the circuit, the track map is broken down into sectors and it will show you if there is a green/yellow flag active in that sector. It also shows you live temperatures and if you click on a driver, it will show you their live speeds. 

Stints & Pits

The stints and pits feature is one of the most valued application tools. This is particularly useful for endurance racing. It allows you to strategise as a team to make better calls for your team. You can see every team’s stint times, how many laps they are completing in a stint, how long a pitstop took and more.

There Is More has a whole host of other features to its name including things such as gap charts, sector time history, speed rankings and more. 

The best part is that has a totally configurable interface meaning you can create as many different layout options as you wish. You can move, resize, remove and add widgets to your UI, making it as complex or as simple as you like and all of your layouts get saved for the next time you use Pitwall.Live.

Looking Ahead

Our vision for is ambitious. By integrating it with SimGrid and Coach Dave Delta, we aim to explore some really cool features that will enhance your experience with the app.

This acquisition ensures that not only continues to serve its community but also evolves to meet future demands.

We share your excitement for this new journey and invite you to stay connected for further updates. Together, we look forward to making an even more integral part of your sim racing adventures.


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