More Female Racers - Season 6 - Powered by Mercedes-AMG

More Female Racers powered by Mercedes-AMG is coming back for its sixth edition


Another season of More Female Racers is upon us! Following the success of the fifth edition, one of the most popular series hosted by SimGrid is coming back sooner than you could expect. While some important changes are coming to the championship, there are also some elements of continuity such as the renewed partnership with Mercedes-AMG. MFR has always been the perfect stage for female racers to emerge and we cannot wait to see who will step up this season.

What is More Female Racers?

In the previous five editions of the series, MFR has massively contributed to introducing and developing more female racers. It is no secret that sim racing has always been a predominantly male environment. There has been a gradual change though, and we are slowly seeing more and more female racers filling the grids with good results.

Many of them, who are currently racing in top-tier championships such as the Endurance Cup or the SRO Esports Series, took their first steps in MFR. The categorisation of Pro, Pro-Am and Am allows everyone to have close battles against opponents with similar levels of skills and experience. The sprint double-race format that will be retained for the season also helps give drivers another chance to score points, whilst more time wheel-to-wheel of course means greater development

In its early days, More Female Racers was a team championship, with co-drivers sharing the wheel of the car in 1-hour long races with mandatory driver swaps. By racing solo, female racers get more track time and at the same time have a helping hand coming from outside of the track. In fact, many former co-drivers decided to take on the role of racing engineers providing useful advice.

Cars, Format and Schedule of MFR Season 6

The first big news for season 6 is the adoption of a new car. After just one season we are saying goodbye to the GT4 class to move on to GT3. With More Female Racers being powered once again by Mercedes-AMG we are not changing the manufacturer, though. The championship will be a spec-series with the Mercedes-AMG GT3 2020, which you can pick up setups for now as part of Coach Dave Academy’s ACC Setup Subscription.

Race format will basically stay the same, guaranteeing close fights and big drama. Each round will feature two 30-minute races. A qualifying session will determine the first starting order, while the second grid of the evening will be based on the first race’s results.

Championship races will be held every other Monday starting from the 3rd of April. The first round will be hosted at Zolder, while the remainder of the schedule is still unknown. As we already saw in past seasons, tracks are voted live on YouTube. Every poll features two circuits and the one with the most votes at the end of the broadcasting is where the next round will take place.

Championship start is just around the corner

We might not know the tracks yet, but we already have all the dates: make sure to save them! Before the start of the championship, there will be a 14-day-long qualifying session at Zolder. Drivers willing to race in MFR Season 6 must complete a minimum of 10 valid laps. The average lap time will be used to allocate racers to the different classes (Pro, Pro-Am, Am). 

Classes can be subject to changes throughout the season, but this is a first chance to take a look at how the grid will shape up. The early round will tell us who will fight for the final win in each class. Meanwhile, here is a breakdown of the schedule:

  • Wednesday 15 March -> Wednesday 29 March – MFR Qualifying – Zolder
  • Monday 3 April – Round 1 – Zolder
  • Monday 17 April – Round 2 – Public voted track
  • Monday 1 May – Round 3 – Public voted track
  • Monday 15 May – Round 4 – Public voted track
  • Monday 29 May – Round 5 – Public voted track

In season 5 it was Aenore Rose bringing home the title, with April Carlsvard and Selene Witcher respectively becoming the Pro-Am and Am champions. Who will come out on top of this new edition of the championship? Make sure to follow SimGrid on YouTube to not miss the live action coming to your screens this spring every other Monday. 


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