LFM Boosts Places For The SimGrid x VCO Grand Finals


Attention all drivers! There will now be an 11th way for you to access the SimGrid x VCO Grand Finals. Welcome to the chat LFM! Coming on board as the eleventh pathway to win your place on the grid for the Grand Finals in November, LFM will be awarding their slots to the top teams from the next season (Season 11) of the Coach Dave Academy GT3 Sprint Series and this is how it is going to work!

What You Have To Do

  1. Create a Team on the LFM website (Click on my account and on the right side there is a button for it)
  2. The team has to have at least 2 members in it
  3. Every week at least 2 team members have to race in the Coach Dave GT3 Sprint series to get points for the team standings.
  4. A maximum of 3 drivers from the team will count every week.
  5. Team points will be the average of the best 2 or 3 drivers of the team (best week score divided by 2 or 3 – depending on how many drivers score points)

Of course, if you already have a team on the LFM website you do not need to follow this process and you can just crack on with the racing, but it may be worth prioritising your teammates as only the best 3 drivers in your team will count towards the points tally.

The best result of each driver of the week counts, so you can race as much as you want. Even if you win a race, you can still get a better result because the points available per race are calculated based on the strength of the field, so the better the strength of the field, the more points you can win.

What’s The ‘Grand Finals’?

The ‘Grand Finals’ is a new competition that launched in 2023, replacing the old SimGrid x VCO World Cup. It is a multiclass 3-round championship, featuring GT3 and GT4, with an expanded grid in terms of the number of entries going from 49 to 58. 

Qualifying Process

How the places are awarded by LFM will be exactly the same as the other 10 communities already hosting events and championships for the Grand Finals. Each community championship will give direct access to the Grand Finals to the top 5 (3 in GT3, 2 in GT4). Three more entries (from P6 to P8) will have a second chance in the Play-Off race.

Second Chance Play-Off

The Play-Off event is a prologue featuring 36 teams. The final 3 spots in the GT4 grid will be up for grabs for the podium finishers. Qualification rules grant a lot of variety across the entries, as teams will be limited to a maximum of 2 cars, 1 per class. These changes make the competition more merit-based, forcing racers to perform at a high level for a longer period if they want to make it to the grid and compete for the final win.


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