Coach Dave Academy Time Attack Season 1


Coach Dave Academy is back with yet another fantastic competition for you to satisfy your sim racing senses. As the title suggests, it will be a time attack format – a hot lap competition. There are qualifying rounds, knockout style finales and a generous $1000 prize pool. All you have to do is set the fastest lap, easy right? Well, you’re wrong! As you will have to overcome and prove you are the fastest in the world! As a hot lap competition, there is no racing element to the Coach Dave Time Attack, instead, the entire focus of the competition is on doing the perfect lap to find the fastest drivers around.


For this edition of the Coach Dave Time Attack, each driver will be required to use the brand new Audi R8 LMS Evo II. Using this car, drivers will need to set their best possible lap times. Each week features a different track for the drivers to do their laps. Week 1 is held at Suzuka, Week 2 at Spa-Francorchamps and Week 3 at Nürburgring.

The top 10 each week will progress to the live finals, meaning if you are in the top 10 during week 1, you are home and safe and free from hot lapping in the two weeks after. If that is not the case, you have two more weeks to bag your spot in the finals. However, All is not lost if you are not one of the top 30 drivers in the world after the 3 week qualifying period.

A wildcard for each week of this competition is an option on the table for you to snatch, the only catch is you need to be a driver outside of the top 10 but within the top 20 to have completed the least amount of qualifying laps. Quality over quantity.

The Finale is a series of knock-out qualifying sessions much like what you see in F1 and will consist of 33 drivers (the top 10 + Wildcard from each week). All 33 drivers will compete in Q1 with the top 20 proceeding into Q2. The top 10 in Q2 will proceed to Q3 and the results of Q3 will determine the final 3 who proceed to the knock-out Super Pole.

In the knock-out Super Pole, each of the 3 drivers will get 1 flying lap. After each driver has done their flying lap, 3rd place is knocked out and the top 2 will each get another single flying lap to determine the overall winner of the Coach Dave Time Attack!


Drivers pay a one-off entry fee of $5.00 USD. This gets you access to all three weeks of the qualifying rounds, regardless if you try to qualify for just one week, or all three weeks. It’s a one-off set fee of $5.00 USD. Drivers who enter in week 2 or 3 just have fewer chances than those who entered at the start of the competition. So for the best bang for your buck, get in at week 1 and make the most of the entire three weeks. All Drivers will use the Audi R8 LMS Evo II.


The hot-lap competition will have a prize pool of $1000USD. The prize pool will be split between the top 3 like so; $700/$200/$100. In addition to the generous prize pool offered by Coach Dave Academy for the top 3 drivers in the finale of the competition, the fastest driver from each week will also win a prize courtesy of the sponsors of the competition. These could include products/vouchers or gift cards, but this is yet to be confirmed. Either way, you are driving away with some fantastic prizes just for setting a lap time.

Good luck

All that is left to do is wish every competitor good luck. Get in at the earliest opportunity to maximise your chances in this competition and don’t forget your vote counts for the circuit that is going to be used for the finale as this is going to be decided via a public vote from you, the drivers.

So buckle up, get your racing gloves on and hit the tracks with your fastest possible times. Oh and also, you may want these to help you out.


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