Attendance Ratio Is The Latest Feature To Improve SimGrid


What’s better than a packed grid? seeing your attendance ratio rise after every race! 

We are excited to release this little nugget of an update just two weeks after our awesome overall scoring feature. Bringing a new dynamic and more control over race attendance and driver responsibility. 

All too often in championships, it gets to the halfway point and we see a rapid drop off in the numbers and attendance when drivers and teams fall out of contention to win. This new attendance ratio should help fix this.

How It Works

The attendance ratio is based on a driver’s attendance over the last 6 races. This is a rolling algorithm that will fluctuate every time a new race is entered against a driver completing that race.

Attendance ratio works across all events a driver will enter, including solo events and team events and it is one global value across all sim titles. So unlike your Grid Rating, which differs per sim, the attendance ratio is one active rating that has a blanket value across every title.

Your ratio remains unaffected as long as you follow the right procedures should you not turn up for a race you entered i.e. signing out of the race on the website instead of just no showing. 

5 Levels To The Attendance Ratio

  • None – 0%
  • Low – 20%
  • Moderate – 40%
  • High – 60%
  • Very High – 80%

The average attendance ratio on the SimGrid platform already sits at 70% and this should only increase as more drivers take care of their AR now this feature is live.

For Hosts & Drivers

For hosts, when creating a race or championship, the attendance ratio will be an option you can choose in the setup menu. You can choose to set the limit from the above 5 options.

For drivers looking to register for a race or championship, you will see a small prompt above the register button letting you know what attendance ratio % has been set on the event.

The major differentiating point between solo and team events is with team events, only one driver in the team must match or have a higher value attendance ratio that is set by the SimGrid host, the rest of the drivers are free to have any ratio against their name.

Attendance Ratio Not Up To Scratch? 

Not an issue in the long term as we have some easy fixes for you! 

If you try to register for an event with an attendance ratio higher than yours, you will be prompted by a pop-up directing you to wild card events, these events are the best and fastest way to increase your attendance ratio. 

Wild card entries are not bound by any AR ruleset, meaning even if the championship initially has an attendance ratio limit set, but has wild card entries enabled, you can enter that one-off race to help boost your own ratio.

How To Access For Hosts

The attendance ratio feature will be visible to all hosts on the platform, but will only be accessible and available to hosts who have 3 or more active boosts on their host profile. If you do not have 3 active boosts you will be prompted when trying to use the feature. 

Whilst a small update, we do believe this to be of great significance in helping hosts fix a recurring problem in sim racing, driver or team attendance across an entire championship.


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