The OG Arrives On SimGrid – Assetto Corsa Now Available


Whenever we ask what sim racing title our community hosts want to see on SimGrid next, there has always been one clear favourite, Assetto Corsa. 

The time has now come to turn this request into reality and from today we are pleased to announce that SimGrid hosts can choose Assetto Corsa as an option when looking to create events. 

Event Creation

Event creation for hosts remains exactly the same initially – meaning when choosing to create a race or championship you go through the same processes, just this time you select Assetto Corsa from the drop down options whilst creating a brand new championship. 

Community hosts please note you can’t change game when duplicating an existing championship so with the added addition of Assetto Corsa you will need to create it brand new and not use a previous championship on ACC, rF2, AMS2 etc as the base.

We will launch Assetto Corsa with all base game and DLC content available meaning if you own or you purchase Assetto Corsa:Ultimate Edition you get all of the DLC and updates ever released for the game including; The Dream Pack 1-2-3, Tripl3Pack, Porsche Pack 1-2-3, Red Pack, Ready To Race Pack, Japanese Pack and Ferrari 70th Anniversary DLC Pack. This can be found on steam with 50% off.

Requesting AC Mods

We have something extra up our sleeves to give community hosts even more control over Assetto Corsa as well, by way of a brand new content request form. You decide the content.

This content request form will allow community admins to personally request extra AC mods outside of the base game or DLC content to be added onto SimGrid. 

This form is not just AC exclusive either, it can be used to request content (official dlc and mods) in any other title that has extra content like rF2, iRacing, AMS2 etc

The form will have a three step process where you will need to be precise with the naming of the content. You can choose between cars and tracks to add for the modded content. 

With any track request, you will need photos to accompany the request so they can be populated on the site properly for drivers to view the races in the championship. You will also need to submit a link directly to the mod in question as this will be used in another feature that you can find below.

New User Interface For Mods

With the new functionality of requesting extra mods to add into Assetto Corsa, we have included extra functionality into your championship pages as well. 

You will now see a new tab along your championship headings labelled ‘mods’ and this will show all the drivers entering a championship any extra content they need to download in order to race. 

We have built a handy new UI on this ‘mods’ page which will allow all drivers to access the mod type directly via the link you provide in the request form, which gets embedded into the page as the image above displays. 

Events Already Live

We already have 3 events on Assetto Corsa launched and ready to enter from three of our communities on the platform.

Tracc.EU Racing Community

Starting today – Assetto Corsa Launch Fest – Mazda MX-5 Cup

ACRT Sim Racing Team

Starting tomorrow – 90’s Touring Cars At Norisring

Harakiri Racing

Starting 28th – DTM Revival At Nurburgring

Time To Bring Your Community To SimGrid

Are you an Assetto Corsa community? Are you yet to discover SimGrid? 

Now is the perfect time for you to ditch those google sheets and excel forms and have a professional tool such as SimGrid handle your Assetto Corsa competitions. 

The SimGrid platform makes it ridiculously easy to create and manage events and championships with a custom built event management system created specifically for racing games.

Apply to become a SimGrid host today.


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