Let’s talk iRacing ladies and gentlemen

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With the fantastic news from Coach Dave Academy about them expanding, adding and bringing the heat to iRacing for the second quarter of the year it seems only fitting to highlight some of the incredible articles that the writing team here at Coach Dave Academy has produced thus far to help you out, especially if you are a first-time iRacer. 

Before that, Let me start by showing you our latest news surrounding the incredible expansion to iRacing at Coach Dave Academy 

The iRacing Series Explained

Now let’s look into the different iRacing Series, how they work and what you need to enter them.

There are four different disciplines in iRacing; Road Racing, Oval Racing, Dirt Road Racing and Dirt Oval Racing. Each discipline brings its own unique set of challenges and requires a wide range of skills to compete at the highest level. As you know though, they all have their own variety of series’ where you can take to the track and experience iRacing at its best, so let’s delve into their different types. 

The iRacing Licenses

Next, we will look at iRacings Licenses and how iRacing stakes its claim as the premier online sim racing platform through a comprehensive range of different series that you can race in from hourly sprint races to gargantuan endurance races. To progress through to get to the highest of disciplines, you have to upgrade your license through a series of performances.

Here we will explain how the license system works, the best ways to optimise your license gain, and what unlocks where in this system.

The Apps You Will Need

iRacing is an excellent platform for on-demand, high-speed sim racing. On top of that, there are so many extra services that can make the experience even better. While some of these are paid services, such as the wealth of setups that we offer here at Coach Dave Academy, some excellent services are available for free! In this article, we’ll discuss some of the must-have apps that can make iRacing just that bit more awesome for you.

Let Us Talk About MoTeC

Here at Coach Dave Academy, we understand that pace improvement comes not only from coaching and setups but also from data – being able to compare your lap to someone else can be extremely valuable when it comes to; consistency, qualifying, or even learning a new circuit. Now, this amount of data can be quite difficult to read for newcomers to the sim and/or motec. So we are delighted to announce that we have released an easy to use workbook to allow you to visually analyze your data using Motec.

Optimize Your Graphics Settings

While iRacing is generally quite an optimized and easy to run game even on low-end systems, it can quickly become taxing with higher resolution displays, especially in VR. We’ve run through all of the settings in the game and narrowed down the biggest ones to look at when looking to quickly optimize your game, without having to flick through each setting to see which is losing the most frames.

It’s safe to say there are quite a few options to get your head around, so let’s take a dive into which ones are most useful to adjust.

Finally, Let’s Look At How You Read The iRacing Changelogs 

In equal parts information and whim, iRacing’s changelogs can be vital to understanding the ins and outs of how the platform is working. From Hotfixes to Patches to Updates, in this article, we will explain to you the importance of each iRacing changelog and how they are essential to keep up to date with if you’re an avid iRacer.


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