How to get started at The Sim Grid


Sim Racing is a vast space, full of various communities hosting all types of events. However, we’d like to walk you through how to get started here, at The Sim Grid. From our website to our discord, from your first Daily Race to your first endurance event, today we will guide you through it all. 

The Sim Grid’s Discord

The Sim Grid’s official Discord server is our hub for announcements, race-day procedures and our welcoming community of Sim Racers. Our Discord server contains tens of channels, all organised by event, allowing you to access all of the important information you need to be ready to head out on the track. To get involved with all of our events, it’s essential you join so you can be alerted exactly when and where you need to be. However, it’s not all serious. Our Discord server consists mostly of channels for you to communicate with others and get involved! From race day chats to talking in gifs, we aim to create the best community experience for you. 

As soon as you join our Discord, the first thing to do is read our rules – you must abide by these at all times. Once you’ve read them, you can pick a role (or multiple) using the appropriate reaction and then you are ready to get involved! It’s as simple as that! 

The Sim Grid Website

Once you have familiarized yourself with our Discord server and said “Hello”, the next step is to set up an account on our website so you can register for events and access our various tools. 

On our website, you can access information and see results of any past, in-progress or upcoming event. You will also be able to read everything you’d need to know about the event  (what cars you can take, race start times and any specific format rules). 

If you want to register for an event, you’ll need an account. By hitting the ‘Login/Register’ icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen, you will be redirected to a screen asking you to sign up to The Sim Grid’s website via your Discord account – the same one that you used to join our server. 

Once you fill in your account details, you’ve got yourself an account with The Sim Grid and can now register for any of our events! Remember, as soon as you sign up for an event, you will instantly be given the appropriate role for the event in our Discord server so you can access the channels you will need for the race.

The Sim Grid Beta

Here at The Sim Grid, one of our most important aims is keeping every member involved with our racing. At the centre of this ideology is The Sim Grid Beta, more commonly referred to as Daily Racing. The Sim Grid Beta program is a way for us to bring you racing at the click of a few buttons at almost any time, just like an open multiplayer lobby.

By signing up to The Sim Grid Beta, you can enter a choice of small 25 minute races hosted in three different regions (EU, US and AUS) that are available every hour. You can of course choose which track you’d like to race, but the choices you are given are random. To enter one of these races, it’s as easy as logging into the website through your Steam account, selecting your desired race and hitting ‘Enter Race’. By virtue of connecting your Steam account, we can give you personalised statistics based on events you have entered and other little perks.

Alongside 24/7 racing, we often host small events through our Daily Racing service, like the Lamborghini Weekend Trophy earlier this month, or the Launch Party to celebrate the release of the 2020 GTWC DLC a few months ago. By signing up to The Sim Grid Beta, you will have access to racing virtually whenever you like and is a great way to get involved with The Sim Grid.

Enhancing your experience

Once you have completed the basic steps in getting started with us at The Sim Grid, there are a few ways in which you can improve your experience through Coach Dave Academy.


Here at The Sim Grid, one of our closest sponsors is Coach Dave Academy. One of Coach Dave Academy’s main products is their setups, created especially for each car and track by a team of extremely talented engineers and drivers. A Coach Dave Academy setup is the perfect companion to your events with The Sim Grid as it will take your on-track experience to the next level. 

Race Sync 

Race sync is another of Coach Dave Academy’s high-quality products. It is a live timing companion for Assetto Corsa Competizione that can track all of your races, whether it be online or offline. However, paired with The Sim Grid, it’s advantages become even greater. It will allow you to track your competitors’ lap times to precision and show you exactly where you need to improve to move your way up the championship ladder in The Sim Grid.


Coach Dave Academy also offers Coaching with racing drivers to help you improve your pace, consistency or side-by-side skills. If you want to take your on-track skills to the next level and in-turn increase your competitiveness at The Sim Grid, coaching could well be the perfect option for you. A session with Coach Dave Academy alongside their setups and the Race Sync timing companion, you will see your experience with The Sim Grid taken to the next level.

If you would like more help with getting started at The Sim Grid, you can watch PowerQ’s video here.


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