SimGrid expands to add F1 22 to the Platform


SimGrid has become renowned for offering events on a wide range of Racing games (and simulator titles!) on our platform. We’re delighted to have now added the latest instalment in the Formula 1 series with F1 22 now being available on the platform.

What’s all the fuss about?

The Formula One Game series is widely loved by the racing community – its level of visual beauty, coupled with a huge player base and solid physics model allows it to be simultaneously a casual “pick up and play” as well as “competitive” to those in the upper echelons of the franchise. 

Various new additions such as F1 Life – including road-based supercars – updated track layouts and (of course) Virtual Reality makes this an exciting title.

F1 22 is a versatile platform with many opportunities for you as a host or driver – that’s why we’ve been working so hard to get it added to our platform in time for its full release.

Key Features on SimGrid

Whenever we add a new title to the SimGrid platform, we always try to integrate it as well as possible, making your experience as a Host or Driver as smooth as possible. But, how did we do that for F1 22? Here’s a synopsis of the additions we have made to make your life easier.

Assigning teams and car numbers

Whether you’re a fan of Max, a Sebastian Vettel stan or just want to represent your favourite team, our technology will now allow you to pre-select which team you will represent, ensuring that your community members have a clear distinction between who is who – no more clashing of driver numbers, either, as we now give you the option to list your preference.

We know that leagues hosted on the Formula One Games often hold their own constructors’ championships too, for example, so with this key feature, you don’t need to worry about doubling up within a manufacturer or any such issues. 

Team and Manufacturer Scoring

Whether you want 2 man teams, 4 man teams or any number in between – you can now have multiple drivers representing a team and categorise the scoring by Driver, Team or Manufacturer – all at the click of a button.

We like keeping possibilities as wide open as possible, so on our platform, don’t feel restricted by a more standardised team system! You can customise until your community’s content, and of course, keep scoring as streamlined and straightforward as can be.

You can take to any track, as any driver, on any team

All circuits, layouts and configurations from the F1 22 official track list are included – as well as the full list of correct team and driver names to ensure maximum accuracy! You’ll be free to race anywhere as whoever you’d like with peace of mind that we won’t get in your way.

No matter what your plan is for going about making an event or league on F1 22, you can do it all. 

So with all of that out of the way, why don’t you get yourself signed up for an event? If you’re a driver willing to get out on track and get some miles under your belt, then head on over to our events page where you’ll be able to check out all of the F1 22 championships on our platform. 

If you’re a community wishing to jump on board and set up some events yourself though, be sure to learn more on our Hosting Page!