Community Spotlight: On The Limit Community Racing


Sim Racers are blessed to have so many good communities out there that help us get onto track. Be it a PC or Console community, there is a place for every sim racer out there. Today we’d like to use this Community Spotlight article to highlight the great work that On The Limit Community Racing has been doing for both the PC and Console sides of racing. It’s not often you see a one-stop community as passionate as these guys. What’s not to like about a community that’s focus is based around creating a friendly, clean and fun racing experience online.

A long time ago in a distant land…

On The Limit Community Racing (OTL) was founded back on the 21st of August 2017 by 3 fellow sim racers, Matt Willmott, David Simon and Daniel Smith. The 3 musketeers rallied under one cause, to create a community that reaches out to other communities with open arms to create connections. At the time there were too many communities that were closed off and not catering for the masses. Hence, the birth of OTL as we know it today.

It was never planned to have a large community. At the start, it was just a place for friends to race against each other. At the time it was all about Project Cars 2 on Xbox and it wasn’t long for Assetto Corsa to join in as well. Quite naturally the PS4 community also wanted a chance and soon after they joined in on the action for Project Cars 2. The community really started to grow but the real traction kicked in during 2019. A couple of the members made the jump to PC in 2019 spearheading the community to where it is today.

What’s popular in the OTL community?

No surprise here, the OTL Assetto Corsa Competizione GT3 Series has become a favourite among its members. The racing happens on a Thursday evening and they have a very popular stream that covers the action on their twitch channel, OTL_Racing. Talking about their Twitch, they have an impressive 1300 followers on their channel, and that’s mighty impressive for a sim racing community. To top it off, OTL is currently on its 9th season in the PC series with the races being hosted by us, here at SimGrid.

Their discord server currently boasts a whopping 2500+ members – a great testament on how well run this community is. While interviewing Matt Willmott for this article he was proud to talk about his team and he said the following, “We have an unbelievable admin team, and we’ve been very lucky to have people from very early on who put so much time and energy into making OTL what it is today. It literally couldn’t exist without their passion and effort, and they all do it for fun without expecting anything in return.’’

The SimGrid Collaboration 

Let’s be honest, 2500 members spread over 3 platforms is a headache in the form of spreadsheets. With the ever-growing community, it became too time intensive for the admin team to run all the manual admin. That opened the door for SimGrid, and with some constructive initial meetings, it was settled. Creating and managing events has never been easier and since the partnership has started, OTL has run 10 successful championships and one-off events on the platform.

Not only has the support we offer been able to help out behind the scenes but with our ever-growing community page, you can see even more of  OTL! This has allowed the OTL team to focus more on the quality of their events rather than spending their time sorting out all the admin. Very few communities out there can put on the same kind of displays and that’s all due to the partnership that has been running since July. The future looks bright.

Come on OTL, tell us more

In the humble words of Matt Wilmott, “To be truthful, we don’t plan too far ahead and never have done. As things arise (new games, platforms, opportunities), we try them out and see what sticks. We don’t mind revisiting things we’ve tried before either if the demand changes or the opportunity comes up again.

In terms of the console leagues, there is a hope that they will continue to thrive. This growth has been seen mostly on ACC which provides a great first step into the sim racing world. For the members who move onto PC racing then they will slot in accordingly.

In the not so distant future, the OTL team has said that they would like to host some more special events thanks again to how easy it has become through the SimGrid platform. The events are always loads of fun and a favourite among the drivers.
To round it off please go check out OTL’s relevant social media pages. You can find them on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube as well and Discord as mentioned before. This really is a superb community that hosts respectful and quality racing. Don’t miss out, go book your slot in a league where clean racing is promoted and great commentaries cover the non-stop action on track.


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