Academy Cup

Announcing The Academy Cup with Cash Prizes!

blog-porsche academy cup

The Sim Grid is pleased to announce a new series, the Academy Cup! This is a 5 round series using the Porsche Cup car and includes a $500 cash prize pool.

The series will start on Monday 2nd November at 20:30CET. We have 3 splits available, each split will hold 35 cars, which means we will have a total of 105 drivers taking part in this series! Each split will compete for championship honours and some amazing prizes to support the series.

Our hope is to have at least 3 splits for the Academy Cup. Prize money will be given to the winners of each race in Split 1 and Thrustmaster and Coach Dave prizes will be handed out to the champions in Split 2 and 3:

Split 1 – $100 prize money given per race

  • 1st – $70 cash
  • 2nd – $20 cash
  • 3rd – $10 cash

Split 2 – Prizes given to championship finishers

  • 1st – Thrustmaster Sim Hardware
  • 2nd – Setup Bundle + ACC Track Bundle
  • 3rd – Setup Bundle + ACC Track Bundle

Split 3 – Prizes given to championship finishers

  • 1st – Setup Bundle + ACC Track Bundle
  • 2nd – ACC Track Bundle
  • 3rd – ACC Track Bundle

You can sign up to the Academy Cup here

Last but not least, as a way to promote the series, and these setups, our Porsche 911 Cup car setups will be running at a 20% discount for the duration of this series. Get ’em while they’re hot!


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