100 Cars Hit the Track for The SimGrid Anniversary Party!


Happy birthday to… us! Yes, The SimGrid turns a year old at the start of July, so we decided to celebrate in the only way that we know how – with more racing!

In homage to our very first event, we’re heading back to the Land of the Rising Sun for a one-off race around the spectacular Suzuka circuit on Thursday 1st July 2021. We’re confident that this will be a race you won’t forget any time soon, so keep on reading to find out what plans we have in store:

The event format

If close-quarters racing is what you’re after, then look no further. The real headline variable of this event is that we will be hosting a 100-car grid in each split, so you won’t have to look far for somebody to race with. 

Plus, this will be a multi-class event, meaning that there will be space for fifty GT3 entrants and fifty GT4 entrants per split. Naturally, that means that things are likely to get rather chaotic, so make sure to head over to the Coach Dave Academy to get all the advice you might need. In particular, check out articles like Racing Etiquette 101 so that you can avoid the wrath of the stewarding team! 

With so many cars on the grid, qualifying is likely to play an important role in how well you place at the finish line. However, with just fifteen minutes on track per class, there will be little room for error which should make for plenty of excitement. 

As for the race itself, we have designed this event to be accessible to drivers of all skillsets. Whether you’re an endurance specialist or a sprint race dynamo, we hope that the ninety-minute duration of this race will serve as a good compromise between all of our drivers’ preferences. 

Plus, for the keen strategists out there, we haven’t forgotten about you either. Each car will have to undergo a mandatory pit-stop at some point during the race, which will also require the driver to make a tyre change. This will be a crucial part of the event, as however you decide to negotiate your pit stop could dramatically alter your fortunes. 

Things you should know

As briefly alluded to, there will be multiple splits set up for this event. As it stands, we plan on hosting two splits, allowing 200 drivers to join in with our celebrations. However, there may even be potential for more if there is sufficient demand. That said, entrants will be picked on a first-come first-serve basis, so make sure to sign up early to avoid missing out.

When registering to take part, you will be given the choice of what split you wish to take part in, however please make sure to consider this carefully. To avoid as many on-track mishaps as possible, we highly recommend that you choose the split which most accurately reflects your level of expertise on Assetto Corsa Competizione, especially with grid sizes as large as these. Typically, experienced ‘aliens’ will be well-suited to Split 1, whereas if you find yourself slightly off the pace of the top drivers – or if you are new to ACC all together – then Split 2 is probably the best server to join. 

As ever, custom liveries are permitted on all cars entered into the event, so why not come along and celebrate with a special new design? It is a party, after all!

Finally, to make sure you have no schedule clashes, here is the event timetable for The SimGrid Anniversary Party:

Practice – 20:00 CEST

Drivers Briefing – 20:30 CEST

Qualifying – 20:40 CEST (15 minutes for each class)

Race – 21:10 CEST

For some of the finer details about where to register for the race, and other behind the scenes information, check out the event page here.

We hope you’ll join us in this celebration of ACC’s growing online community, so go on, register now while you can!


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